Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The History Of Mankind?

AI is triggering three revolutions simultaneously

Jesko Rehberg
3 min readMar 10, 2024
(image by Adrianna Geo)

Futurologist Amy Webb (CEO of Future Today Institute • Global Leader in Strategic Foresight • Quantitative Futurist • Prof at NYU Stern) predicts the next “technology supercycle” [2] at the tech trade fair South by Southwest SXSW [3]. As with the invention of the railroad, the industrial revolution and the breakthrough for the internet, AI will change the “history of mankind”, said Webb. She describes AI as a flywheel that is also triggering further comprehensive changes. While the railroad, industrial revolution and internet each only changed one large area of society and the economy, there are now three revolutions at the same time:

  • AI
  • Biotechnology
  • Internet of Things

The wave of technological innovation -also made possible by AI- we expect will be so powerful and persistent that it will change every part of society, said Webb [4].

Isn’t open source good per se?

In her trend report, Webb also warns of the undesirable developments of AI. For example, she criticizes the fact that companies such as the French company Mistral AI have published their Large Language Models (LLM) freely…



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